01 January 2018

Things I want to remember in 2018

1. Shameless people are everywhere. They will say what they have to say to get what they want out of you. Even if they don't mean it. They won't care about your well being. They will not care about your loss. The thing is, their shamelessness makes you feel ashamed if you don't oblige. Because they are so persistent about what they want. But that's just messed up. So be shameless when you have to deal with shameless people. Be shameless about the fact that your time, your life, you are only yours. Not in a selfish way. Only while dealing with such people.

2. Know your worth. No one will twll you our true worth because that will be a disadvantage. You being lost and confused and insecure is beneficial for them. You have to know your own worth. 

3. Pick one thing. One thing you want to work on in this new year. I know there are so many things that need your time and energy. But pick one. And then dedicate time and energy to that. Everything but this is negotiable. Don't stop working on this. You can have other things you're working on too. But when situations arise in which you have to give up your time and focus to do something anticipated, something unavoidable, cut down on those secondary things. But never on this one. Just one.

4. Sleep on it. Not to avoid it. Not to procrastinate. But to not be so overwhelmed. To not be so high on emotions. To not be irrational. To not make quick decisions that are reckless and rash and stupid. Sleep on it.

5. We keep thinking that we are getting older. I mean sure, we are. But being 20 is young. Being 25 is young. You're a young adult until 32. Did you know that? Did you? I'm an almost 26 year old youth. And I'm not old. And I'm not going to be for a while. I know I have silver hair strands. And I knoe my idealism is...I won't say it's dying. I will say it's altering. And that's not a bad thing. But I'm young. And I don't have to be dumb. I can give being young a new definition. But before. I should stop feeling so old. Being old isn't a bad thing. Not at all. But it's wrong to convince yourself that you're something that you're not.

6. Don't follow other people. I know the thought of life after graduation seems very daunting and confusing but don't look at others to do what they are doing. You have never liked crowds. Crowded places make you sick. Those paths are crowded and so worn out. It will take time. Construction always takes time. It is a long term project but it will also provide long term benefits. And guess what? You can completely customize this path. Just like you like it. 

7. What do we do about the people we hate? Endure. When it is professional, we endure. Sometimes we have to quietly bear the annoyance and frustration in the present to be able to get what we want. But remember, when it's personal we never endure!

8. Body. I have given too much importance to my heart and soul. In that pursuit I have majorly neglected my body. For that I am sorry. And because I know a genuine apology follows a corrective action, I will take thar corrective action. I will make this right.

I found these couple of sentences on one December evening and they sort of resonated in my mind that I decided to share them here. Instead of writing you all the best for the upcoming 365 days, let me put here something longer yet meaningful and less hackneyed. Anyway, have a joyful and memorable 2018. 


29 December 2017

fomo: December

The hardest lesson I have learned this year is never stop working to improve your happiness. Your happiness needs to be maintained. Try to put yourself first. Do what makes you happy. You have choices. Never make the best ones for others, make the best choices for yourself. And remember taking care of yourself is NOT selfish, it is self-care.


A New Fashion Hub? Eastern Europe The title of this article should probably end with an exclamation mark and me jumping as high as Gregor Schlierenzauer does during his rehab. For real, it makes me feel so proud to see so many talented people from Eastern Europe succeed globally and to crown it all, the New York Times article mentions Magda Butrym, our national fashion treasure appreciated by celebrities and it-girls alike. And even though Elizabeth Paton doesn't mention some other recently successful Polish brands, I can honestly tell you that Le Petit Trou on Net-a-Porter is also made in Poland just like Reserved, which recently opened their first store in London. So, if you were looking for the next getaway destination, Eastern Europe might be the place to be. PS: we also have delicious food (think kopytka, bigos, pierogi and zapiekanki) and drinks (remember to drink responsibly though). 

This is why the Queen never needs a passport One of the things you probably never think about is whether Her Majesty needs a passport or not. Spoiler alert from the title: she does not. And the answer to the w-question is even more obvious. Anyway, if you already knew all of this, click anyway, there's one gif at the end you migh want to see. No need to thank me.

The Baha'i Gardens seen from above Since it's winterish here in Eastern Europe and we still gotta wait for the trees and flowers to bloom, here's a short movie Eyal Asaf showing one of the most magical places I've ever seen. If you like Eyal's work, here's page with many more breathtaking shots.

30 Days of Good Deeds with Damsel One of the blogs I've been following for quite a while now, did a sort of 30 days of good intentions not so long ago. I saw it on her Insta Stories but lately I've managed to find the blogpost telling more about the whole idea and also sharing ideas on how to be a better human by helping other and just being nice to them. Worth trying anytime during the festive season! 

6 Brain-Boosting Activities to Add to Your Day The so called 'brain hygiene' hadn't been something I was familiar with until some time ago. During one of the hectic Facebook conversations I had with one of my friends, the term suddenly popped up and that's how it landed in my personal dictionary of phrases to use more often. Leaving hygge and lagom aside, the brain is something to take care of no matter what's trending on instagram. Here, a few Vogue approved excersises to get even smarter. Your future self is surely gonna thank you for those few minutes during the day.

Atelier Doré in Marrakech With Marrakech being lately  one of the hottest blogger destinations and following Garance's team retreat in this Morrocan town, the famous illustrator launched a special collection in her online shop. I'm head over heels in love with the Marrakech poster (and the babouche of course!) and also the overall yellow aesthetics. Pretty nice gift idea and also a nice addition to your little private wall gallery.

What British People Say, Versus What They Mean Just to put an end to the festive kindness. On a different note, this may also serve as a users manual while having any encounter with my little existence.

Papio Press Charming accessories and stationery to be found on Etsy. 

27 December 2017

inspiration: December


12 December 2017

Happy Hanukkah!

the miracle of the oil that was supposed to burn for one day and instead lasted for eight days, symbolizes how important faith is to us. faith is the oil that burns endlessly in our hearts.
happy hanukkah*!

*or however you spell it


02 December 2017

fomo: November

How Did Rumi Become One of Our Best-Selling Poets? My first encounter with Rumi and his poems was, surprisingly, not so long ago when I was reading The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez. I remember than one of the main characters used to quote him in many situations and later, thanks to tumblr and some magazine articles, I slowely immersed myself in his works. Here's a little review of Rumi's Secret. The Life of the Sufi Poet of Love by Brad Gooch - a book I'm gonna have to add to my reading list in 2018.

Unpaid Turkish Garment Workers Tag Zara Items to Seek Help Every now and then we can read scandalous stories about how big chain shops mistreat their workers in less developed countries. Evn though I myself got to plead guilty for I own some things from ZARA and co., I try to make my closet as sustainable as possible. Still, it always shocks me that such a company, which by the way tries to show its image as polished and crystal clear as possible, lies straight in our faces and mistreats the people who do the dirtiest part of the job. On the other hand, I'm really happy to see all those unpaid workers taking a stand to make a change and make the customers aware of their situation. Next time, we all are gonna think twice before rushing to the check out (especially during the holiday rush)

We teach girls to be ashamed in sex ed. This has to change. End of story.

In Hania, Crete—a Town With No Jewish Presence—a Synagogue Thrives I love discovering places where Jewish things aren't expected to be found yet they are there quite well preserved. Wish I had known about this synagogue years ago when I visited Crete as a little kid.

Bats have regional accents, Israeli study shows. Now I officially have a proof that animals, well at least some of them, do communicate.

Saudi Arabia, which denies women equal rights, makes a robot a citizen I've read so many articles about this kind of odd case and it still puzzles me. I'm very curious when it comes to AI but the fact that such country placed a female (?) robot before a real woman, a human being equal to a man, is beyond weird.

232 Years Old and Counting: The Oldest Coffee Shop in Greece A place my Boy would surely love to visit. I'd happily go with him as long as they would serve me some tea.

Autumn Study Vibes Michael Buble defrosting as we speak.

Would You Sit on a $100,000 Louis Vuitton Toilet? Well, I guess this matches my unicorn toilet paper. 

30 November 2017

inspiration: November

Jacques Famery, Kaleidoscope, 1968



02 November 2017

fomo: October

Binaural Beats Around 3 years ago I stopped listening to my favourite Spotify playlists while working on papers. It happened quite naturally and I cannot provide you with a satisfactory theory of how I decided to enjoy pure silence. Anyway, I discovered I get much less distracted when there are no eagworms playing in the background and the need to skip to the next song costed me way too much time I should had been spending on something productive. Not so long ago, I came across one of those studyblr master posts recommending productivity apps on smartphones and that's how I heard about binaural beats. The app was for iPhones (here is the App Store link) but I also managed to find the Android friendly version. At first it hadn't sounded like anything to me. But this changed with time and every time I need to boost my creativity or quickly focus on something important, I use the app and it does work. And it does work on someone forever skeptical in such areas so you can trust my word. The app has a few playlists of various length and for almost every occasion (think simple studying or relaxation but there's also morphine pain killer, a power nap, airplane travel aid or even self hypnosis).

The Beauty of Canada’s Autumn Foliage Amazing photos by Sanjay Chauhan. Spoiler alert: there's a black squirrel in one of them :)

Salva López Based in Barcelona, worked for many of my faveourite magazines (Monocle, Elle Decor Italia and many more), Salva finds beauty in simplicity and makes a mediocre window look like art.

15 Things That Are So 'Polish' This is basically what living in Poland is like. 4 and 6 are my favourite ones!

Women behind speculum redesign say we need gynecological tools designed by people with vaginas Even the very title of the article reveals the most obvious truth but I guess every women will relate. Literally, having a plastic speculum inserted down there during you regular check-up at the gyno is one of the least pleasant feelings in the world. Can't wait until the redesigned model reaches Poland.

Mirjam de Bruijn turns household cleaning products into waterless capsules One of the coolest zero waste ideas I've came across recently. Imagine no longer having to carry heavy bottles with liquids when you can just get yourself a little box which probably fits in any medium shoulder bag!

The Difference Between Halvah and Tahini Two famous Middle Eastern treats explained (also: a guide on finding the right tahini in your local grocery store).

The Way Out of Burnout As someone who'd defeated burnout a couple of years ago, I can absolutely realte to everything written by Josh Cohen. A must read not only for those suffering but also for the people around them.